Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper Rosette Embellishment

Here is another handmade embellishment for my mini love page swap. I created this using my paper rosette technique, seen here.

I love how this turned out. For the center I used this bead panel that I purchased from Michael's, from The Bead Gallery. It adds a bit of glam to the rosette. Thanks for passing by and I will have pictures of the actual finished 4x4 mini page, plus 2 tutorials showing how I created the front and back side of the page.


  1. This is absolutely stunning!! Just so lovely. You are so talented. Thanks very much for sharing.

  2. so amazingly beautiful! you are beyond talented! thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Just saw your Day 24 vid and you are so cute (and funny). You are a total rock star! Such elaborate work, good job JO :-)