Friday, May 22, 2009


Hi guys! No craft posting yet, but I wanted to give a full update of what has been going on. Since the beginning of April I've been getting these major headaches. I thought that by taking some aspirin/advil that they would go away. I procrastinated to the point where I couldn't get out of bed. So about 3 weeks into the headaches, I finally went to the ER one Saturday. They diagnosed me with "tension headaches", pumped me with IV fluids and some meds and sent me off with vicodin and motrin. I was fine for the night but the following day the headaches came back. I tried to grin and bear it but the pain was too much and I went back to the ER Thursday. My headache was a full blown 10. They gave me an MRI and took a spinal tap and the next thing I new I was being admitted to the hospital. They took soo many blood samples for tests and I was hooked up to an IV the whole time, found out that I was dehydrated. The MRI had shown that I had meningitis and that there was major swelling on the left side of my brain. I was glad that something was finally being done but it was hell. Soo many fluids and meds were being pumped into my system my body was having a hard time adjusting. A couple days later another MRI was taken and the swelling had gone down but some ademas were found, stroke like lesions on the back of my brain. Throughout all this they had put it in my mind that they might have to do a biospy if no diagnosis was to be found soon. I stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks to recover! I was to the point of cabin fever, so restless and bored, and the hospital food was ok at first but NO MORE JELLO! LOL. Finally I was released this past Wednesday. Unfortunately, I had a slight relapse into headache-ville the next day. I got sent home with meds and I will take them religiously so that I can get better. Right now all I can do is rest rest rest. Recovery is going to be a b@#ch! My body is weak from lying down for 2 weeks straight, my legs feel like rubber and I look like a skinny drug addict with my bruises from all the IV runs, hehehe, can you just imagine? Anyways this has been a very great ordeal and experience. My immune system was vulnerable and stress just attacked it. Well I have to learn how to take better care of myself, cross your fingers. I also wanted to thank everyone for your caring support and all the get well wishes, I appreciate it. I hope to get my scrap mojo back and back to posting scrappy stuff. XOXO TTYL!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting. I've been sick with major headaches non-stop!! I'm hoping to post new stuff soon. 'Til then, thanks for hanging in there.