Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh No! What have I done?!

My local scrapbook store Stamp Your Heart Out was having an awesome sale today 9/9/09. If you spent $9 you get 9% off, $18 you get 18% off, and $27 you get 27% off. For those who use Copic Markers you know how expensive these pens can be. Well I told myself that I wasn't gonna get into this whole whoopla but how could I resist this deal? So I gave in and got a couple, and I received 27% off each marker! I even got suckered into buying the cute little acrylic case that holds 12 pens. Knowing me I'll prolly fill that container up real soon, no discipline at all =). I can't wait to start using them and building up my collection! They even gave me a Copic Marker Chart with all the colors listed! OMG, I just want to color in all the boxes, like a BINGO game, lol!!

If any of you have/use these markers please tell me how you like them. Know any good sites that you can get great deals?


  1. Those are so cute... i got to get some!

  2. In the US the're many great shops you can go (or order online) so... your sooo lucky in that way. I can suggest you to get some skin colours (as a starter, these are the ones you use the most). And hair colours :)

    Anyway, wanna know more? let me know via my blog (or the email button there)


  3. Girl, you need to get busy and show us your magic.

  4. You're too funny Jo! Coloring the boxes like a bingo card! LOL. Show them to me tomorrow:)