Sunday, September 21, 2008

Paper Drama

Hey guys, as you can see I changed my blog name to "Paper Drama". I thought it was fitting with all the "drama" out there in our scrapbook world. There are 2 types of paper drama: 1) Fabulous Paper Drama - the anticipation of a new product line, the excitement and joy one feels when they find a certain paper that one can't live without, finishing a scrap project that you can't wait to share with others, basically all the happy happy joy joy feelings that are associated with scrapping..............................and then there's 2) Ugly Betty Paper Drama - this is all the sneaky, backhanded dealings that mean people do. For all you scraplifters out there, you know who you are (including me) make sure you compliment that person and let them know that they inspired you to do something similar. Honestly don't try to pass something off that isn't your idea, that's just not cool, that's soooooo Ugly Betty Paper Drama!!! I believe in "Sharing is Caring". Playing with paper is suppose to be fun and lighthearted, let's keep it that way.

All in all my blog is to promote Fabulous Paper Drama, not the other one. I want to share my ideas and the people who inspire me. So bring on the drama...the fabulous kind!

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